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Who we are

We are a team of professional game designers, who want to see your project reach its full potential.

How we make things

We don’t just make what you tell us to. We sit down with you, grab a coffee and get to the core of things. Then, we set out to create a project that is better than you could ever have imagined on your own.

What you get

We work fast and efficiently, to ensure that you get your dream game as fast as you can. 

Types of projects we do

Virtual and Analog! Here at Business Goose, we love all types of games. Whether your game is a video game, a board game, or something in between: we can help you create it.


The books from Book-A-Tale are wonderful! One of the first ones we got to convert to an e-book was 'The Gagaroo'. The story is about a donkey that wants to go to the moon. Complete with animations, sound effects, music, interactive elements etc, 'The Gagaroo' is a fun children’s book about adventure! 'Luna' is the next series we will be doing.

Platforms: Mac, Windows, Kobo e-reader, IOS, Android ...

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Website Book-A-Tale

De Boomgaard

The digital tour of 'Kleuterschool De Boomgaard' is a fun and interactive experience. During the tour, players will find hidden videos, elements for a puzzle and (of course) get to know the school and its teachers.  

Platforms: WebGL

Digital tour
Website De Boomgaard

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